A reliable, efficient network is key to any business IT system; regardless of size. Having 24/7 connection to the internet and other computers or servers within the network is vital; that's why we offer a range of networking solutions for our business customers.

With full maintenance and support, GS Computing can both create your network and keep it running.

Windows Based

We can provide a fully functioning Windows based network solution; with or without a server. Windows is the world's most used IT platform for a very good reason, it's reliable, efficient and secure with the full and consistent support of Microsoft. With over 20 years experience working with the Windows family of operating systems, we're confident in our ability to create, maintain and support your use of this versatile system.

Linux Based

If you want to move to a more cost-effective networking solution we also offer Linux networking. With knowledge of numerous different Linux distributions, including ClearOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and more, we can provide you with a fully functioning Linux server solution, with desktop options available as well.

Our Linux systems are designed to work efficiently with Windows based clients to ensure a lower cost option, that still provides all the functionality of a Windows based solution.

Remote Access

If you run a business that has employees away from the office but still need access to the network - GS Computing can help. We can set up and configure Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Remote Desktop and Webmail solutions, ensuring your employees can be in the office, even when they aren't.

Security is essential when it comes to remote access, so we create secure encrypted remote networking solutions that are fully maintained and supported by us to ensure only the right people have access to your sensitive data.


Backing up is the key defence against the following disasters:

  1. Hardware failure of server or PC drives.
  2. Attack by ransomwear or other malicious code.
  3. Accidental deletion.
  4. If taken off site or to another location such as the cloud, fire or flood.
  5. If periodic snapshots are taken provides a history of file versions over time.

At GS Computing we can set up many different backup solutions that suit your budget and the levels of protection you feel necessary. Even if you are a private individual who doesn't need the same level of backups as a business client, we can provide you with automated backups to USB backup disks that ensure if you do ever get hit by ransomware or a computer disk failure, you won't lose those important family photos or documents.  If you are a business who's backups may be more critical we can set up backups to cloud systems, USB disk drives or network attached storage (NAS) devices.