The IT world moves fast; making training a vital instrument in keeping you up to date. Whether you're a bit rusty on the basics or you need to learn the more complex elements of Office - GS Computing can help. We ensure we are always keeping up with the latest information so we can pass that on to you.

Basic Windows Training

Windows has introduced large scale changes in its latest versions, keeping up with these alterations can be time consuming and confusing without assistance. That is where GS Computing can help. We can guide you throw the changes, from the basics to the complex and we will tailor our one on one training to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on this personal service .

Advanced Office Training

We also specialise in training in the more advanced elements of Office; primarily the complex capabilities with the Excel program. If you need to produce spreadsheets with advanced functions to help make your information more manageable, we can most certainly help. We will guide you through your personalised training to ensure you are fully competent with as many aspects of Office as you require.