How to autoplay DVDs in Windows 10

With Windows 10 Microsoft removed a lot of the "AutoPlay" stuff as that's often the way viruses were loaded into a PC on auto-starting setup disks or DVDs.
What you need to check is that you have VLC loaded, its icon looks like this:

VLC icon

As this is a good player, you also have Microsoft’s “Films and TV” app:

Films And TV

As shown by the arrow. Either can play DVDs.

What you then need to do is associate whichever of these you prefer with playing DVDs. To do that right click the Start Menu icon and select “Control panel” from the menu that appears, if you have been upgraded to the Creators Update version of Windows 10 then you won’t see control panel in which case click the Cortana search icon that is next to the start menu and type “Control” as you do that the top entry should be “Control Panel” desktop app.

Cortana Control Panel

When you get to the control panel set its view to “Large Icons” see arrow 1 below:

Control Panel Large Icons

Then select “AutoPlay” as indicated by arrow 2 above.
This will appear:

AutoPlay Options

Set DVD Movie to be played by either VLC or whichever other application you want that is listed that can play DVDs. Click “Save” and from then on when you insert a DVD it will start VLC and play it!

If you don’t have VLC, give me a call and I can talk you through setting it up.

That completes this How To.