How to scan from Paint.Net

If you have installed on your computer then just go to the “File” menu and select “Acquire” then select “From Scanner or camera”:


This will throw up a new dialog:

Select Device

Pick the scanner you want to use and click “OK” which will bring up this dialog:

Scan Options

Select the option you want from the left hand column (Colour picture is usually what you want) then hit “Preview”:

Scan Options Preview

Scan Options Preview Crop

When your document has been scanned the grab handles will appear so that only the bit selected will be sent to a picture file, you can move the 4 small squares if the software hasn’t quite got it right.  Once you are happy with what is selected hit “Scan”:

Acquiring Data

Once the scan completes it will be displayed in

Image In Paint Dot Net

All you need do then is click “File” >> “Save” and the Save dialog will appear:

File Save Dialog

It should default to your “Pictures” folder and then you can give the file a more meaningful name than “Untitled.png”. Make sure the “Save As Type” drop list is set to either “PNG” or “JPG” (it’s the drop down just below the File Name). These are the most common formats that most people you might send the picture to as an attachment can open.

Once you have saved it to your pictures or your folder on the server you can then create an email and use the paper clip to attach the file from wherever you saved it.

This completes the How To.