How to reset your network adaptor

NB: You will have to restart your computer so make sure before you initiate this you have saved any open work.

Right click the network icon and select “Open network & internet settings”

Network settings showing the Status page and "Reset Network" highlighted.

Select the option “Network reset” in the blue textual links at the bottom of the above image. Then follow the prompts.

If after resetting it has lost your VPN connection (shouldn’t do but just in case). The details you need are as follows you fill them in on the VPN section of the above image and hit the plus symbol to add a new VPN and the image below is the screen you are taken to:

Settings Screen showing Add a VPN Connection.

The password is the same one you log onto your PC with.

Once you have done that you will be on the VPN page showing the VPN you just added and in the blue links below select “Change adapter options”:

Network Connections dialog shwing the newly created VPN connection.

Select the VPN you just created, in my example it’s “Martin TamDes” and then right click it and select “Properties”:

You will get to the following dialog with multiple tabs along the top. I will show what should be on each tab, so make sure yours are the same:

Connection properties dialog on the general tab showing the server name.
Connection properties Options tab remember credentials.
Connection properties VPN Type (PPTP).

​On the third one you select “Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP) from the list and then click the option button that says “Allow these protocols”. Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)” should be selected by default.

Then click the “Networking tab:

Connection properties Networking select IPV6.

​With TCP/IPv6 selected click the properties button half way down the dialog to the right. This will appear:

IPV6 Properties dialog.

Click the “Advanced …” button:

Advanced TCP/IP dialog untick "Use default gateway".

As shown above make sure “Use default gateway on remote network” is unticked then click “OK” on each dialog until your back at the “Networking” screen:

Connection properties, networking, TCP/IPV4.

Then select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) as shown above and as with IPv6 click the “Properties” button:

Do the same for TCP/IPv4 as you did for V6:

Click “Advanced”:

IPV4 Properties dialog click "Advanced"

Click “Advanced”:

Untick “Use default gateway on remote network”, then OK all dialogs until you are back to the “Network Connection” screen:

Network connections dialog showing the newly created VPN.

Close that and the previous settings screen and try your VPN again